header-logoThe Gravois-Jefferson Historic Neighborhoods Plan, in collaboration with local elected officials, neighborhood organizations and other community stakeholders, is facilitating a community-driven planning process for the Gravois-Jefferson Historic Neighborhoods: Northeast Dutchtown, Gravois Park, and Benton Park West.

Over the next nine to twelve months, residents and other stakeholders in the area will be engaged to look at economic development, racial disparity, land use issues, social services, environmental concerns, transportation (including pedestrian and bicycle networks), housing, educational opportunities, community health, parks and open spaces, and much more.  The bulk of the community planning work will be done through an open public engagement process using a combination of focus groups, public roundtables, design workshops or charrettes, and open houses.

The first public working meeting is Tuesday, November 29th, at Thomas Dunn Learning Center from 6:30–8pm. The topic of the meeting is People: What do our youth, families, elders and all community members need to grow and thrive? Visit the event page for information about the meeting, and visit gravoisjeffersonplanning.org for more information on the project.