Last time we showed you some homes for sale in Dutchtown, we looked at the cozier offerings on the market. This time we’re going big! If you need a lot of space — whether it’s extra bedrooms for the kids or just room to stretch out — Dutchtown has you covered. Below are just a few examples.

Please keep in mind that we are not real estate professionals. We just want you to take a look in Dutchtown. This post is not sponsored. The information presented below is accurate according to Zillow at the time of publishing.

4740 Louisiana

This spacious three bedroom, two bath home in Dutchtown is over 2,000 square feet. It has a fantastic kitchen, modern finishes, and wide open rooms.

3448 Iowa

This 3,300 square foot beast in Gravois Park has four bedrooms, three bathrooms, original millwork, and all-new everything else.

3518 Itaska

This three bedroom, two bath home in Dutchtown needs a few finishing touches, but it’s a lot of house for the money (under $70k) for someone who can take it across the finish line.

3710 Illinois

This two bedroom, two bath home in Marine Villa is over 1,900 square feet and features lots of open space and natural light. There’s an LRA-owned lot next door that you could buy or mow to own and then you’d have a huge yard too!

3502 Osage

This four bedroom, two bath big boy in Dutchtown needs some work, but the original woodwork, mantels, and hardwood floors are a great starting place. Get all that and 2,500 square feet for under $100,000!

If these don’t fit the bill, see what else is around. Dutchtown has a lot to offer at attractive prices. Whether you’re looking for big or small, move-in ready or a fixer-upper, we’ve got something for just about everyone!