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Posts about Marine Villa

News, events, and information from the Marine Villa neighborhood in Dutchtown, South St. Louis.

We’ve already got a pretty packed calendar for April, and we’re always adding more! Check the calendar often, or follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest. You can also sign up for our mailing list and get an occasional (about once a month) update on neighborhood events.

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Winter weather is still here and it seems like everyone’s cooped up at home, but you still have plenty of opportunities to get out and get involved with the Dutchtown community in February. Check our calendar or follow us on Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date with what’s going on in the neighborhood.

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September Events in Dutchtown

There’s already lots on the calendar for September, but we’ll keep this post updated when anything else comes up! You can try to keep up here, check, like our page on Facebook (, or follow us on Twitter (@DutchtownSTL) to stay up to date on events around the neighborhood.

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Neighbors building wealth strengthens our community! The Dutchtown South Community Corporation is teaming up with Midwest Bankcentre through the Bank On, Save Up program to offer financial empowerment classes at our office at Meramec and Virginia. We want to help neighbors on the path to posterity, wealth building and homeownership within our community. Check out the dates and session topics on the flyer above.

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