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DT2 has been chosen as a finalist for Missouri Main Street Connection‘s UrbanMain initiative. This is a unique opportunity to bring in professional resources to help Dutchtown plan for a vibrant commercial future and further DT2’s mission to promote a thriving community and shared prosperity by facilitating economic development and fostering opportunity in the Dutchtown neighborhood.

Neighbors are invited to a presentation at the Neighborhood Innovation Center that will cover the following:

  • Background on Dutchtown and DT2 and what already exists in terms of organizational support, resources, and community.
  • The need for the UrbanMain Initiative in Dutchtown: how it would change the area and the plans are for improvements. What are Dutchtown’s biggest challenges?
  • How the organization will encourage attendance at trainings and technical assistance events. Main Street is a grass-roots program and requires a cross-section of people for support and to make the program work.
  • Bringing sustainable growth back to the traditional neighborhoods and commercial districts. What has Dutchtown already done to encourage stakeholder participation?
Following the presentation and discussion, there will be a 30–45-minute walking/driving tour of the highlights of Dutchtown.