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Events on September 16th, 2023

Events at 9:00am

Events at 11:00am

Join Urban Eats for a unique celebration of culinary dreams, community spirit, and Hispanic heritage in Dutchtown! This isn’t just a food day—it’s a testament to the power of community collaboration, dreams realized, and the vibrant tapestry of flavors and cultures that make up our beloved neighborhood.

Find out more about Urban Eats Food Day and Hispanic Heritage Celebration 

Events at 12:00pm

f/2.8, a photography exhibit presented by Ellipsis Studio capturing the spirit of St. Louis, celebrates the diverse talents of ten exceptional photographers hailing from the heart of St. Louis. Through their lenses, we embark on a visual journey that transcends time and place, revealing the essence of St. Louis in all its multifaceted glory. This exhibit unearths the soul of a city through the eyes of those who know it best.

Find out more about f/2.8: An STL Photography Exhibit