Dutchtown is our neighborhood on the South Side of St. Louis, home to a lot of history and a changing future. We are St. Louis’s most populous and densest neighborhood. We embrace the diversity of our neighbors and have big plans to make Dutchtown a better place to live for everyone regardless of race, economic status, religious background, or any other factor. We are Dutchtown Proud.

We’ve got room for everyone who wants to be part of a strong neighborhood with a lot of momentum. Come visit us—we’d love to show you around. Move in next door to us. Open your business here. Invest in the future of our neighborhood. There’s something for everyone in Dutchtown.

The Dutchtown Committees: Design, Economic Vitality, Promotion, Organization, and Safe Clean and Green.

Dutchtown Committees 

Interested in helping make Dutchtown a better place to live? Join one of our committees:

  • Design
  • Economic Vitality
  • Promotion
  • Organization
  • Safe Clean & Green

Find out more and sign up at dutchtownstl.org/committees.

Dutchtown looking toward Marine Villa, taken from the National Candy Co. Factory. Photo by Paul Sableman.

Learn About Dutchtown 

Read about our history, our people, our architecture, our parks, and more on our About Dutchtown page.

Businesses in the 3300 block of Meramec Street in Downtown Dutchtown, St. Louis, MO.

Supporting Dutchtown Businesses 

We’re gathering resources and producing walkthrough guides to help you and your business succeed. Visit dutchtownstl.org/business or check out our growing list of resources and our Guide to Getting On Google.

Translate DutchtownSTL 

All of the news, resources, and info on DutchtownSTL.org is now available in Spanish, Vietnamese, Arabic, Nepali, and more! Click the Translate button at the top of the page.

Dutchtown Blocks: Interact, communicate, and plug in.

Organize Your Block 

Neighbors who know and look out for each other form the backbone of a strong community. An organized block, no matter how formally or informally organized, increases safety, improves aesthetics, attracts new neighbors, and gets things done. Learn how to organize your block at dutchtownstl.org/blocks.

We’ve got resources to help you interact, communicate, and plug in with your neighbors to get organized.

Help for Dutchtown Small Businesses

Grants for Small Businesses 

Has your business been affected by COVID-19? Find out about grants available from the City of St. Louis at dutchtownstl.org/grants.

Donate to DT2 

Become a donor to DT2 • Downtown Dutchtown! Every dollar helps DT2 towards our mission of building a thriving Dutchtown for all of our residents, business owners, and other stakeholders. Make a one-time or recurring donation.

Donate Now

The Marquette Park Field House at sunset. Photo by Nick Findley.

Marquette Park 

The largest park in the Dutchtown area, we’re working to make Marquette Park the centerpiece of our neighborhood. Find out what’s going on at the park and how you can help Allies of Marquette Park reactivate the park.

Dancing at the Common Sound Festival at Marquette Park in Dutchtown.

The Dutchtown Calendar 

There’s always something happening in Dutchtown! Visit dutchtownstl.org/calendar to find neighborhood meetings, volunteer opportunities, classes, happy hours, and plenty of other ways to get out and meet your neighbors.

Dutchtown Proud yard sign.

Get Your Dutchtown Proud Sign 

Tell everyone you’re Dutchtown Proud with one of our yard signs. Name your price!

We’ve also got Dutchtown t-shirts and more in the DutchtownSTL Shop.

The 4500 block of Virginia in Dutchtown, St. Louis.

Dutchtown CID 

Find out everything you need to know about the Dutchtown Community Improvement District and how you can get involved.

Contact DutchtownSTL 

Can’t find what you need here on DutchtownSTL.org? Contact us and we’ll try to help. You can also sign up for our mailing list to stay up to date on what’s happening in Dutchtown.

Vote like you mean it. Photo by Paul Sableman.


Election Day is coming up! We’ve got information for Dutchtown voters including important dates, candidate info, and how to register at dutchtownstl.org/vote.

Dutchtown neighbors cleaning up an alley in South St. Louis.

Neighborhood Cleanups 

Keep Dutchtown beautiful by volunteering at cleanup events around the neighborhood. Visit dutchtownstl.org/cleanup to find your opportunity to help.

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The Dutchtown Community Improvement District and Dutchtown Main Streets are excited to announce the start of a new community-oriented Neighborhood Beautification Service Program in partnership with employer and training vendor Employment Connection. The program, funded by the Dutchtown CID, is designed to keep Dutchtown’s main thoroughfares clean while recirculating taxpayer money back into the community. Services are expected to start in August 2021.

Read the rest of “Dutchtown’s New Neighborhood Beautification Service Program” 

In 2019, the City of St. Louis selected Dutchtown to be one of the city neighborhoods to participate in Cure Violence, an anti-violence public health initiative that has been successful in many cities and neighborhoods across the country. Taking a new approach to issues of crime and safety has many Dutchtown residents hopeful for the future of our neighbors and neighborhood.

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