Gravois Park Neighborhood Meeting

The Gravois Park Neighborhood Association meets this Tuesday, August 8th, and every second Tuesday at 6PM in the old Jefferson Bank building at 3353 California, just north of Cherokee.

Dutchtown West Neighborhood Meeting

The Dutchtown West Neighborhood Association meets this Tuesday, August 8th, and every second Tuesday at 7PM at Grbic Banquet Hall, 4071 Keokuk St.

Gravois-Jefferson Draft Plan Summit

The Gravois-Jefferson Historic Neighborhoods Plan will meet to work on their final plans to be submitted. The summit is Thursday, August 10th, from 4—8pm at Froebel School, 3709 Nebraska. Refreshments and child care will be provided. Visit the Facebook event page for more information.

So Fresh, So Clean, So Creative: Back to School

Dutchtown South‘s So Fresh, So Clean, So Creative initiative is presenting another workshop at the Thomas Dunn Learning Center on Saturday, August 12th, at 11am. Learn about the impact of buying school clothes and uniforms new vs. used and how to pack a zero waste school lunch.