As part of Metro Transit‘s Metro Reimagined program, big changes are coming to bus service throughout the neighborhood. Higher frequency service and route changes are coming to Dutchtown beginning September 30th.

Map of Metro bus lines in the Dutchtown area.

The #8 Bates-Morganford will be replaced by the new #8 Shaw-Cherokee. The new line, running from the Central West End to the Catalan Bus Loop, will run down Cherokee between Grand and Jefferson, then south along Jefferson and Broadway. The Shaw-Cherokee bus will run every 30 minutes during weekdays and every hour evenings and weekends.

The #11 Chippewa bus will begin offering high-frequency service. During the daytime, buses will come every 15 minutes. 30-minute service will be offered early mornings, late evenings, and weekends.

The #70 Grand bus, St. Louis’ busiest bus line, will increase service to every 10 minutes during peak times during the week. 15-minute service will be available on the weekends, and 20-minute service will be offered late evenings.

The #73 Carondelet bus will no longer serve Cherokee Street or South Grand, but it will begin to offer high-frequency service. The route has been adjusted to be more direct, going down South Broadway to Meramec to Virginia through the neighborhood. The #73 will run every 15 minutes during weekdays and 30 minutes on evenings and weekends.

Other bus routes throughout St. Louis are also changing things up as part of Metro Reimagined. Visit the Metro Reimagined website for info on changes across the system.