Occasionally we like to highlight some great homes for sale in the Dutchtown area. Take a look at a few of the offerings on the market right now! With great prices and local amenities, houses sell quick in Dutchtown. These homes won’t last long!

5458 Alabama

2 bedrooms • 2 baths • $110,000

(Update: sale pending!) This home in the St. Cecilia Historic District features a large, open living and dining area, a beautifully updated bathroom, exposed brick, and original millwork. View this listing on Zillow.

3228 Osceola

2 bedrooms • 2 baths • $75,000

Small but mighty, this cozy home features lots of counter and cabinet space in the kitchen, two full baths, and a solid brick garage out back. View this listing on Zillow.

5223 Idaho

3 bedrooms • 2 baths • $159,000

Enjoy worry-free homeownership with brand new everything in this home. New plumbing, electric, roof, and more, and lots of open space. View this listing on Zillow.

3713 Ohio

2 bedrooms • 2 baths • $127,500

This Gravois Park townhouse features beautifully redone bathrooms and a stunning kitchen. View this listing on Zillow.

The information presented above is accurate according to Zillow at the time of posting. These posts are not sponsored, and we are not real estate professionals. Make sure to contact a licensed real estate agent when shopping for your new home.