There’s one term that always comes to mind when discussing Dutchtown’s historic housing stock: variety. Dutchtown has something for everyone—spacious two story homes, an array of bungalows big and small, shotgun cottages, two and four family flats, and everything in between.

Today, we’ll take a look at some of the more modestly scaled homes currently on the market in Dutchtown. Whether you seek a starter home, you’re looking to right-size, or you just prefer cozier confines, Dutchtown has a lot to offer in little packages.

5457 Alabama

Exterior of 5457 Alabama.

This two bedroom, one bath bungalow weighs in at around 800 square feet. Exposed brick walls bring home the rustic, urban feel of this 112 year old home at the southern end of the Dutchtown neighborhood.

$92,500 · View on Zillow

Interior of 5457 Alabama.
Kitchen at 5457 Alabama.

3425 Keokuk

Exterior of 3425 Keokuk.

Conveniently located near Chippewa and South Grand, 3425 Keokuk’s Second Empire-style mansard roof stands out from the crowd on this block. Featuring two bedrooms and both a full and half bath, the home was very recently rehabbed and features new stainless steel appliances, 42-inch cabinets, and designer countertops.

$125,000 · View on Zillow

Interior of 3425 Keokuk.
Kitchen at 3425 Keokuk.

3425 Montana

Exterior of 3425 Montana.

If you want a little house with a big yard, 3425 Montana is for you. At around 700 square feet, this 1890 cottage is still plenty spacious, offering up three bedrooms, a single bath, and an eat-in kitchen. The fenced double lot leaves plenty of room for gardening, entertaining, or letting your pups run wild. And if that’s not enough green space for you, Marquette Park is located just a few doors down the street.

$120,000 · View on Zillow

Interior of 3425 Montana.
Kitchen at 3425 Montana.

4031 Pennsylvania

Exterior of 4031 Pennsylvania.

Also located just a short walk from Marquette Park, this three bedroom/one bath home on Pennsylvania Avenue features a fantastic new kitchen with stone countertops, stainless steel appliances, and a subway tile backsplash. You’ll also find exposed brick walls, a decorative fireplace, and other unique architectural features inside this otherwise unassuming home.

$100,000 · View on Zillow

Kitchen at 4031 Pennsylvania.
Interior of 4031 Pennsylvania.

3225 Mount Pleasant

Exterior of 3225 Mount Pleasant.

Looking to roll up your sleeves and make your mini-home your own? This two bedroom, one bath, 900 square foot home on Mount Pleasant is affordably priced, move-in ready, and awaiting your finishing touches. You’ll be just around the corner from Shay’s Donuts, and you can walk off your morning long john with a stroll around nearby Mount Pleasant Park.

$70,000 · View on Zillow

Kitchen at 3225 Mount Pleasant.
Interior of 3225 Mount Pleasant.

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