• This event has passed.

Everyone from professional photographers to startup shutterbugs: you’re invited to join us for a Dutchtown photography walk! Bring your smart phone, digital SLR, drone, or Polaroid—all ages, styles, and skill levels are welcome. Take in the sights and scenes of our neighborhood, meet fellow photography fans, sharpen your eyes, and hone your skills.

We’ll have a scavenger hunt to help guide you, but we encourage photographers to go wherever their eyes draw them. We’ve got beautiful places and faces, architectural gems, big scenes and little details, and fall colors to focus on.

After the walk, you’re invited to share your photos for publication here on DutchtownSTL.org and DutchtownSTL social media accounts (but it’s totally optional).

This is the first in what we hope will be a recurring series of events. Stay tuned for more dates!