The VAL Community Garden is located between Virginia Avenue, Alabama Avenue, and Liberty Street in Dutchtown. The garden has several raised beds available for personal use. Another portion of the garden is dedicated to providing fresh produce to local food pantries.

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Support Dutchtown’s Community Garden

The VAL Garden needs your help to keep things running! Your donation helps pay for needs such as:

  • Stocking the soil and mulch corrals
  • Providing starter seeds and plants for gardeners
  • Keeping the adjacent large lot on Virginia mowed
  • Maintaining garden beds and tools (hoses, lawn mowers, etc.)

Donate to the VAL Garden

The VAL Community Garden in Dutchtown.

How You Can Get Involved

Currently, all of the VAL Garden’s 12 foot by 4 foot beds are occupied. But the garden also has four communal beds—three for vegetables and one for flowers. Everyone is welcome to help care for these beds and take what they need.

For information on helping out with communal plots or finding out about future openings at the VAL Garden, contact Dona Coleman at or 314-960-8846.