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This post originally appeared on Dutchtown CID.

The Dutchtown Community Improvement District is bringing vibrancy to Downtown Dutchtown this summer! On Tuesday, July 28th, join us as we roll out colorful new tables, chairs, and umbrellas along Meramec Street. Come have a seat and take our new furniture for a test drive!

The sidewalk furniture will add a splash of color to the district and create a more inviting atmosphere for neighbors and passers-by. We hope this leads to increased foot traffic, engaged neighbors and visitors, and ultimately greater occupancy in the district.

In addition to the furniture, the revamped Urban Eats Food Hall will be introducing three of its new resident vendors — Juanita’s Creole Soul Café, Perfectly Pastry, and Pies and Surprise — plus bartenders from the Original Crusoe’s slinging drinks. Come get a taste of the new flavors coming soon to Dutchtown!

The introduction goes on from 5:30pm to 7pm. Visit the Facebook event page to let us know you’re coming and to share with your neighbors.

The next Dutchtown Movie Night is coming up on Saturday, July 25th! This time around, we’ll be showing the animated adventure Spies in Disguise featuring the voice of Will Smith.

The event begins at 7:30pm. Arrive promptly to claim your spot on the hill! We’ll also have food trucks, community activities, and more.

The movie will be projected on the inflatable 22 foot big screen on the hill in front of the Field House. Bring a chair or a blanket to sit on. Once it gets dark (around 8:30pm), we’ll start the movie.

Tell your family and friends and neighbors about this fun, family-friendly event! Go to the Facebook event page to share and invite people. For info about more movie nights this summer, go to or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The 2020 Dutchtown Movie Nights are sponsored by AB InBev, DT2 • Downtown Dutchtown, Dutchtown Community Improvement District, Dutchtown South Community Corporation, Gene Slay’s Girls and Boys Club of St. Louis, Habitat for Humanity St. Louis, Lutheran Development Group, Original Crusoe’s Restaurant, St. Anthony of Padua, Thomas Dunn Learning Center, and Tower Grove Neighborhoods Community Development Corporation.

Last Friday, the Dutchtown Movie Night series got off to a unique start in the parking lot of Habitat for Humanity. Dozens of Dutchtown neighbors gathered for the ’90s summer classic Independence Day.

While last year’s summer series was entirely in Marquette Park, doing a drive-in movie in June allowed for better social distancing while the city still has limitations on outdoor events.

Dutchtown Movie Night will return to Marquette Park outside the Field House on Saturday, June 25th. More details on the movie night will be released next week. Watch this spot.

Marquette Park Planning Project

If you were at the drive-in movie, you may have seen the engagement display from PGAV Planners. PGAV will be working with Dutchtown South Community Corporation this summer on a planning document to guide the future of investment in Marquette Park.

Interested in getting involved with the Marquette Park planning project?  Take the survey to let the planners know what you would like to see next at Marquette Park. You can also learn more about Allies of Marquette Park and join them to build a stronger future for Marquette Park.

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Welcome to Dutchtown, a neighborhood that bears the weight of our city’s past and stands tall in the truth of who we are today. We are St. Louis’s most populous and densest neighborhood. We are a neighborhood that has experienced growth, contraction, and growth again. We are Dutchtown Proud.

Dutchtown Proud video by Chip Smith of Cross Grand.

Some of us have been in Dutchtown forever. Over a hundred years ago, our families built the brick buildings, churches, and streets which have withstood the test of time in south St. Louis. We have seen some friends move away, seen the businesses come and go, and seen the faces of our neighbors change. We wouldn’t live anywhere else.

Some of us moved to Dutchtown for new opportunities. We may have been economically displaced or simply come looking for affordable housing. Our presence stabilized Dutchtown’s population and created a great community for future residents. Unity is the best community.

Some of us are immigrants. We are from all over the world and have been here 25 years or just a day. Like the very first Dutchtown immigrants, we brought new flavors, clothes, customs, and ways of living creating a vibrant neighborhood.

All of us are Dutchtown Proud. Proud to be a part of one of the most diverse, gritty, and forward thinking neighborhoods in St. Louis. Proud to look for prosperity here. Proud to tell the doubters why we call Dutchtown home.

We call Dutchtown home by choice. We choose to come together and build community with neighbors who may not look or live their lives exactly the same. We respect our neighbors’ right to choose Dutchtown, regardless of who they are, who they love, what they look like, what they do for a living, or what circumstances brought them here.

If you want to join us we are excited to have you. But be warned: We are conscious of our history and weary of making the same mistakes twice. We shun speculators, quick fixers, or worse, anyone not willing to embrace their neighbor and embrace change.

Dutchtown neighbors showing their Dutchtown pride.

Our path forward is a common one and we see it stretched before us far into the future. So roll up your sleeves and become a member of the Dutchtown Proud as we recognize our past, celebrate our present, and prepare for our future together.

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Neighborhood photographer Chip Smith of Cross Grand beautifully captured the scene at the 8:46 @ 8:46 Dutchtown Family March for Justice and Equality on Saturday, June 13th.

8:46 @ 8:46 Dutchtown Family March for Justice and Equality. Photo by Chip Smith of Cross Grand.

Hundreds of neighbors came out to unequivocally state that Black Lives Matter. We marched down Compton, Osceola, South Grand, and Chippewa carrying signs, chanting, and bringing people out of their homes to join our call for equality and justice.

8:46 @ 8:46 Dutchtown Family March for Justice and Equality. Photo by Chip Smith of Cross Grand.
8:46 @ 8:46 Dutchtown Family March for Justice and Equality. Photo by Chip Smith of Cross Grand.
8:46 @ 8:46 Dutchtown Family March for Justice and Equality. Photo by Chip Smith of Cross Grand.
8:46 @ 8:46 Dutchtown Family March for Justice and Equality. Photo by Chip Smith of Cross Grand.

See more of Chip’s photos from the Dutchtown Family March below. You can also view the full gallery or purchase prints.

8:46 @ 8:46 Dutchtown Family March for Justice and Equality. Photo by Chip Smith of Cross Grand.
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