UrbanMain is an initiative to enhance the economic, social, cultural, and environmental well-being of Downtown Dutchtown. The program is a partnership between DT2 • Downtown Dutchtown, the Dutchtown Community Improvement District, and Missouri Main Street Connection, and is the first of its kind in Missouri.

Over the next few years, DT2, the CID, and MMSC will develop plans to bring vitality back to Downtown Dutchtown, generally considered to be the area along Meramec Street between Grand and Broadway. The planning will utilize Missouri Main Street’s four point approach: Organization, Economic Vitality, Design, and Promotion. With the UrbanMain program, a fifth point—Safe, Clean, and Green—has been added to address the needs of urban communities.

The UrbanMain planning area in Dutchtown, St. Louis, MO.
The approximate footprint of the Dutchtown UrbanMain planning area.

The UrbanMain Initiative will be guided by a steering committee made up of residents and professionals with a vested interest in the present and future of Dutchtown, working together with the DT2 Board of Directors and MMSC. In the coming months and years, we will host events and meetings to gather additional feedback and provide opportunities to participate in this exciting program.

The Dutchtown Committees: Design, Economic Vitality, Promotion, Organization, and Safe Clean and Green.

Dutchtown Committees

From the Main Street 4+1 point approach, Dutchtown organizations have developed five committees. The committees—Design, Economic Vitality, Promotion, Organization, and Safe Clean and Green—will report to the DT2 and Dutchtown CID boards. The committees are composed of community members who will guide and perform the work to make Dutchtown a better neighborhood for all. You can find out more about the committees and sign up at dutchtownstl.org/committees.

Dutchtown Growth Manager

As part of the Urban Main program, DT2 and the Dutchtown CID will hire a Dutchtown Growth Manager. The Growth Manager will help to engage with the community and implement Missouri Main Street’s four point approach.